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alap vora

Alap Vora is the self-proclaimed “Pride of Brooklyn” but recently moved to Manhattan because it was cheaper. You may have seen his photo on your local train in 2012 as “that guy from that thing". He’s extremely quotable, since he’s been stealing quotes from his closest friends since 2005 and saving them in his phone like a quote hoarder. He’s a longtime season ticket holder of the Knicks (tickets on sale now!), and loves taking selfies on portrait mode. Proudest moments including steaming his khakis while showering, and  tricking his wife into marrying him.


audrey jaynes

Audrey Jaynes is an appreciator of warm weather, expensive teas and 19th century British literature. She has intentionally abandoned “the news” but maintains a basic understanding (that’s basic and basic) of the latest Kardashian-Jenner happenings. She’s a mom, which often surprises people. She wants to take that as a compliment. She’s also fine if it isn’t a compliment; being a mom is the coolest. Her list of favorites includes: her progeny, paperback books, the Pitch Perfect trilogy, Michael Jackson, and summer in the city (iced latte in hand).



ben goldstein

Ben Goldstein is known to play his guitar any time of day or night, to the probable dismay of his neighbors. He dabbles in commercial photography, and tries, biweekly, to perfect his method for home-cooked dog food (that's twice a week, not every other week). He's looking forward to daylight saving time, but prefers that the temperature stays below 80 degrees, with little to no humidity, if that's ok with you. His recent streak of completed New York Times crossword puzzles lasted 39 days in a row, and this is a source of far too much pride for him.